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Honest, maybe relatable

Through the Looking Glass

As we endeavor together through life, challenges, struggles and the scripture that reflects on this present reality, my hope is that you can see truth through the lens of love. My name is Melody Turner, and through written word I seek to explain how many stories and passages in the Bible can relate to daily living. Sit back, drink a cup of coffee, and embark on this quest with me for a deeper understanding of truth and wisdom.

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Just Out of Reach

Whether it’s power, money, fame, or all of the above, we intrinsically chase after that great something. We intrinsically desire to be great at something and to be remembered. 

Kenobi and the Cross

I’m a Star Wars Fan. So, of course, the second a Kenobi episode came out, I made that a priority. We find Ben with a changed name, a forgotten past, and someone who is simply trying to survive the threat of the Empire. He hasn’t used the force or a lightsaber in a decade. No…

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