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Through the Looking Glass

As we endeavor together through life, challenges, struggles and the scripture that reflects on this present reality, my hope is that you can see truth through the lens of love. My name is Melody Turner, and through written word I seek to explain how many stories and passages in the Bible can relate to daily living. Sit back, drink a cup of coffee, and embark on this quest with me for a deeper understanding of truth and wisdom.

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Needing a Hero

Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned. Whether it be with our careers, our families, unforeseeable tragedies… or a global pandemic continuing to steal people’s lives and create chaos. We can’t see the future, but with a plan… life sometimes feels a bit more in control. Until it spirals out of control. What then? What doContinue reading “Needing a Hero”

Finding Forgiveness

The following is written as if Joseph was writing it himself. I see 10 weary faces trudging towards me. They are Canaanites by their clothing, set apart from all the Egyptians surrounding them. I haven’t seen a Canaanite since… It’s them.  In Egypt’s dusty and sweltering sun, my brothers approach me in the shade ofContinue reading “Finding Forgiveness”

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