Life, Marriage and Amazon

It’s been my first week living on a military base and living with my husband…

I admit, I’m going a little stir crazy. Thankfully, the commissary and the exchange are under a mile to walk to in the afternoons to get out of the “TLF” (Temporary Living Facility).

But there are perks to living on base. It’s your very own gated community with security forces guarding the front door. There are tennis courts, a football field, a walking trail around a little lake that sits on a hill and overlooks the flight strip where we saw several planes shoot for the skies yesterday on our evening walk.

Now, hearing the planes at 11:45 p.m. at night is a tad different. But, it’s almost like a mini community here. We got a grocery store, gas station, bowling alley. . . Sadly, this base is so small it doesn’t have a movie theatre, but I guess we can go to town for that one and theatres are not opened yet anyway with COVID.

But for this week, while I’ve stayed mostly “at home” planning meals and trying not to fight with my husband. . . there have been several things I’ve begun to consistently pray for:

  • Finding a purpose where God has placed me. Knob Noster is a change of scenery from Conway, AR. And living on a base, one smaller than the one in Fort Worth or the navy base in Kansas City that I’d been on as a child, kind of is a little more to get adjusted to. Every day, I go job-hunting and try to not get depressed as I apply for job after job. Thankfully, God has provided me with one promising contract, but I feel this pressure of more. I need more in order to be successful. . .  Or, you know, to be able to buy the elite Keurig that is $170 on Amazon or other things I want. But, once again, I have to trust in God’s provision for the things we need, and that in the end, money really isn’t everything and God isn’t going to ask what my closing bank balance was in heaven – he’s going to ask what I did with my life. I’m praying that God will lead us to a church home here and also that he will give us opportunities to glorify Him where we are.
  • To remember who I am, and to make goals right now for who and where I want to be one year from now. It’s been a long year, ya’ll. Tyler and I were able to go to Europe right before he left for basic, but once he left, I had a lot of college hours and work opportunities that kept me quite busy. I even took extra classes to keep me distracted when he was in basic for the fall semester (Piano and Contemporary World). Then winter came, it was a whirlwind to the altar, to Washington D.C., and back to school. Then God gave me an opportunity to write for a local newspaper in LR and I really felt like my career was going somewhere as I also contracted for Lifeword Media. . . Until COVID-19 hit and I moved home for two months and paced as I waited for Tyler to finish tech school so we could finally be with each other. . . And now, we are on a small base in a small town in the middle of nowhere MO where job opportunities are small, but my God is big.

I don’t know where you are today, and maybe you to are turning to a new chapter of life where there is so much ahead of you and also so much unknown. Keep praying, and give God room to work.

In love and truth,


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