The Final Chapter

“Man of sorrows, Lamb of GodBy His own betrayedThe sin of man and wrath of GodHas been on Jesus laid Silent as He stood accusedBeaten, mocked, and scornedBowing to the Father’s willHe took a crown of thorns Oh, that rugged cross, my salvationWhere Your love poured out over meNow my soul cries out, “Hallelujah”“Praise andContinue reading “The Final Chapter”

What is Truth?

Wrongly convicted, the defendant waits for his sentence to be passed. Death by electrocution. For a crime he did not commit. The end of the road is near, and the last chance of being freed has passed. His appeal had been rejected. The evidence against him was stacked too high, the prosecutor’s case too thick.Continue reading “What is Truth?”

Singing in the Rain

I like musicals.  My husband doesn’t quite understand why I know every word to Hamilton or light up like a Christmas tree when I sit down and watch Singing in the Rain or White Christmas. I will say, Cats is kind of weird looking back on it as an adult, Phantom of the Opera is kind of creepy and Pirates of Penzance isContinue reading “Singing in the Rain”

Worth Your Salt

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. The smell, the smooth taste, and the feeling that your brain is slowly waking up all contribute towards the start of a good day. Without coffee… a day can be miserable. It’s harder to think, and for a caffeine-holic like me, headaches canContinue reading “Worth Your Salt”

A Box of Chocolates

Love is in the air. Flowers and chocolates are being sold in every store and dinner reservations can be hard to come by. It’s almost Valentine’s Day – love it or hate it. Half a product of marketing (maybe more than half), and the other part a day where people express their feelings for eachContinue reading “A Box of Chocolates”

Climbing Everest

The American dream is all about wanting more: More money, More social status, More power, etc. We strive and work hard and climb this “ladder” because we are promised that at the top – we will find satisfaction and happiness. This past week I was told a story about Mount Everest. All of ya’ll willContinue reading “Climbing Everest”

What’s in a Name?

What defines you? Is it your job, your relationships, your appearance or where you come from? Is it a name? In the Old Testament, children’s names have meaning. When Abraham and Sarah had a son, they named him Isaac – which means laughter as both parents had laughed when God told them they were finally going toContinue reading “What’s in a Name?”