Climbing Everest

The American dream is all about wanting more: More money, More social status, More power, etc. We strive and work hard and climb this “ladder” because we are promised that at the top – we will find satisfaction and happiness. This past week I was told a story about Mount Everest. All of ya’ll willContinue reading “Climbing Everest”

What’s in a Name?

What defines you? Is it your job, your relationships, your appearance or where you come from? Is it a name? In the Old Testament, children’s names have meaning. When Abraham and Sarah had a son, they named him Isaac – which means laughter as both parents had laughed when God told them they were finally going toContinue reading “What’s in a Name?”

New Year, New You?

Welcome to 2021. It’s the first week of the new year, and already national events have incited anger, division, confusion and the feeling of the 2020 status-quo. The pandemic is on the surge, the capitol has been stormed, and the president-elect is set to be inaugurated in just a few short weeks. Meanwhile, many ofContinue reading “New Year, New You?”

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

You may have seen a menorah, heard a song about a dreidel, seen golden chocolate coins for sale, or have heard bits and pieces about the holiday of Hanukkah.   I grew up celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas since my mother and stepdad adhere to Reform Judaism. Most of what I remember is losing a lotContinue reading “Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!”

Another Happy Ending

It’s Christmas time. It’s that time of year where we appreciate our families, our friends, and avoid stepping on the scale to avoid seeing the consequences of holiday sweets and feasts. It’s the time of lights, food, festivities, snow in some places and nostalgic movies. Now, be honest, how many Hallmark or ultra-cheesy Christmas moviesContinue reading “Another Happy Ending”

Choosing Redemption

I don’t think it is wrong to assume many people dream about receiving a proposal of marriage. In our day and time, it’s culturally normal for the man (and sometimes woman like Monica to Chandler in Friends), to get down on one knee and ask the person they have all the feelings for to spendContinue reading “Choosing Redemption”

The Story Behind Silent Night

I love singing Christmas songs. Some have gotten old, some have become annoying yet I still find myself humming, “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas,” while doing the dishes, and some are enchanting like the hymn Silent Night. The text below comes from the third stanza and has been sung to celebrate the birth ofContinue reading “The Story Behind Silent Night”

Giving Thanks

Family, friends, food, shopping… These are the Thanksgiving norms in America. But, as some gatherings are cancelled or online due to the ongoing pandemic, this holiday may look different this year – like everything else. I think, eight months ago, we were convinced COVID-19 would be “temporary.” A shut down here, no toilet paper there, and maybeContinue reading “Giving Thanks”