A life-saving story

It was another cold, rainy day in Washington, D.C.  Steve, an African American in his late 40s, was making his usual rounds, picking up complete strangers, playing Christian music in the background, and trying his best to be genuinely nice to people he had never met and would probably never see again.  His Uber appContinue reading “A life-saving story”

Climbing out of the pit of despair

In the movie Princess Bride, the heroic Wesley finds himself trapped and tortured in the “Pit of Despair.” He is eventually murdered, but his friends Inigo and Fezzik take him to Miracle Max who brings him back to life for two reasons: because he is only “mostly dead” and because he has a strong reason toContinue reading “Climbing out of the pit of despair”

An open letter to my fellow millenials

Dear fellow millennials. We could be the generation to change the world, if we changed a few things first. The world “millennial” is already a loaded word, like “librarian” is associated with being a mean, old lady with glasses who is boring and has at least three cats. But, I would think the stereotypes ofContinue reading “An open letter to my fellow millenials”

Five reasons why you should read your Bible

It’s something we’ve heard preached about plenty of times. It’s almost like broccoli: We know it’s good for us, but we don’t want to eat it because maybe we haven’t acquired a taste for it or not tried it steamed or baked with cheese yet.  It’s definitely not easy, and it requires discipline and perhapsContinue reading “Five reasons why you should read your Bible”