The Ultimate Sacrifice

A life for a life. It’s an ancient thought – almost seemingly barbaric in nature. Many cultures and religions actually sacrificed living humans to their gods – the Mayans, the Vikings, the Aztecs… Ripping out hearts, draining men and animals of blood. And yet, Christians believe that one man, God in the flesh, is theContinue reading “The Ultimate Sacrifice”

Showing Mercy

It’s easy to get angry.  Rage can flicker in as easy as a missed shot in basketball, a B+ on a paper in your least favorite class, or jamming your foot into something you did not see.  Anger can start with something simple – from neglect or feelings of abandonment or the beginnings of abuse… and growContinue reading “Showing Mercy”

Second Chances

I love my dog, Charlie. We adopted him from a shelter over a year ago, and man, was it a roller coaster week! When we first saw him and interacted with him, he would not come near us. It was a great challenge to get him in the car and drive him home. What made matters worseContinue reading “Second Chances”

Needing a Hero

Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned. Whether it be with our careers, our families, unforeseeable tragedies… or a global pandemic continuing to steal people’s lives and create chaos. We can’t see the future, but with a plan… life sometimes feels a bit more in control. Until it spirals out of control. What then? What doContinue reading “Needing a Hero”

Finding Forgiveness

The following is written as if Joseph was writing it himself. I see 10 weary faces trudging towards me. They are Canaanites by their clothing, set apart from all the Egyptians surrounding them. I haven’t seen a Canaanite since… It’s them.  In Egypt’s dusty and sweltering sun, my brothers approach me in the shade ofContinue reading “Finding Forgiveness”

Going for Gold

I love watching the Olympics. 206 nations come together in a series of games to compete for the bronze, silver, and gold while trying to set some world records. There’s nothing quite like it.  I suppose, a few millennia ago, the only thing that would cause such a convergence of countries would be plagues, violence,Continue reading “Going for Gold”

In Dreams

Are you at a point in your life where you feel forgotten, abandoned, or alone? Do you feel hopeless to the point where you can’t find the light in life again? Do you feel incapable of crawling your way out? There is an answer to this sorrow, it might not be an easy answer, butContinue reading “In Dreams”


Have you ever been blamed for something you didn’t do? Or worse – something you deliberately didn’t do and goes against your entire character? Have you ever been pushed or kicked out of a job because someone lied about you? Have you ever gotten the short end of the stick in a situation where youContinue reading “Framed”


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