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The Ultimate Sacrifice

A life for a life. It’s an ancient thought – almost seemingly barbaric in nature. Many cultures and religions actually sacrificed living humans to their gods – the Mayans, the Vikings, the Aztecs… Ripping out hearts, draining men and animals of blood. And yet, Christians believe that one man, God in the flesh, is theContinue reading “The Ultimate Sacrifice”

Needing a Hero

Sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned. Whether it be with our careers, our families, unforeseeable tragedies… or a global pandemic continuing to steal people’s lives and create chaos. We can’t see the future, but with a plan… life sometimes feels a bit more in control. Until it spirals out of control. What then? What doContinue reading “Needing a Hero”

A Story Both Old and New

Racism is not a new story and sadly, it isn’t an old one either. It wasn’t so long ago that the Little Rock Nine took literal steps to ending segregation in Arkansas over 60 years ago. It wasn’t so long ago that Jim Crow laws dominated the south. It wasn’t so long ago where oneContinue reading “A Story Both Old and New”

How to know if someone is “the one”

There are a lot of questions when dating or talking to someone you are interested in.  In the beginning stages, you might think:  Do they like me?  Do they think I’m attractive?  Will they call me again?  Will they run the other way when they see the worst sides of myself?  Do I have somethingContinue reading “How to know if someone is “the one””

Success – it is not a secret

What is success? Many people spend their whole lives being “successful.”  But what does that really mean?  Is it the American dream? Is it having the golden retriever in the big backyard with the white picket fence, a large house, driving a Cadillac or a sports car, having several children who also grow up toContinue reading “Success – it is not a secret”

Apologetics 101

If theism (God exists) is a blue pair of glasses, atheism (There is no God) is a red pair, and pantheism (God equals the universe) is purple; how do we, who are seeing the color blue, explain the color blue to someone who can only see red?  Well, in the end, God himself has toContinue reading “Apologetics 101”

Finding self-worth in a world of emptiness

I love to please people. I work hard to achieve things – stupid, meaningless things or accomplishments that I think people will love me for . . . Only to wind up feeling empty.   I grew up with a brilliant older brother who is a CPA certified accountant. For some reason, I always believed, noContinue reading “Finding self-worth in a world of emptiness”